How to Get Accepted Into an Electrician Apprenticeship

Without a plethora of electricians working in many different fields, our world would be a very dark and gloomy place. Whether we are talking about residential, commercial of even automotive electricians, there is and always will be a need for professionally trained and skilled people in this field. If you’re interested in becoming an electrician one question that you likely have is “How to get accepted into an electrician apprenticeship?”. There are a number of routes you can take to become an electrician trainee but attending college or at the least a trade/tech school is highly recommended.

What Education Do You Need to Get Accepted Into an Electrician Apprenticeship?

While many older electricians may not have had the benefit of a good college education, instead learning all of their skills through an apprenticeship program and years on the job, this is not considered to be the most acceptable way to enter an apprenticeship program. In fact you are more likely to find that unless you have a solid college education majoring the field, you are not likely to find any employer who will be willing to hire you.

Today many future electricians start answering the question of how to get accepted into an electrician apprenticeship while they are still in high school. A large number of high schools offer programs that let students attend a vocational / technical school. This allows them to start studying for their chosen career at a much earlier age. Many employers will take this into account when a person is applying for an apprenticeship.

There are few that will actually take someone straight from a tech or trade school and enter them into an apprenticeship program, however you will find that they are still going to require the person to attend college classes for at least part of the time and then work with a senior electrician to receive on the job training as well.

If you are serious about becoming an electrician, you should talk to the career counselors at your nearby college. You need to ask them if they offer an apprenticeship program along with their college course. In many instances, not only do they offer to help you get enrolled in an apprenticeship program, but they can find you an employer who will pay all or at least a part of your education in return for an employment contract that obligates you to work for them for a specified term.

The final question is whether learning how to get accepted into an electrician apprenticeship program is worth all of the time, education and effort. While there are a number of careers that promise great futures and high pay along with benefits, many fail to come through. This is fairly common and as the economy continues to struggle along, many careers that used to provide all of this have gone by the wayside. Luckily, with a large number of electricians looking to retire within the next 5-10 years the opportunities for young electricians are better than ever.

As a person who is interested in becoming an electrician today, you will find that the opportunities are only growing rather than shrinking. Following your training, you can expect to embark on a career that can last a lifetime and provide you with a very comfortable living complete with benefits and a retirement program.