What to Expect on the Journeyman Electricians Exam

What kind of questions should you expect on the Journeyman Electricians exam? A good number of people are really eager to find an answer to this question and some aspirants also want to know the exact nature of this test. It can be described as a job knowledge test to evaluate the proficiency of a person in the major knowledge areas and it is being done to check whether a person is competent enough to perform his/her duties in the best manner. People have always been in search for a guide that contains all the required information like the best method of approach, references for study, knowledge categories and other job related activities.

Although the exact test differs depending on your location the average test will be 3 hours long and there will consist of 40-50 questions. During this closed book test, calculators are allowed and the candidate will have to score 70% or more in order to get qualified.

The areas where the candidate should be proficient include electrical drawings, electronics theory, power and current transformers and electrical theory. The person who appears for the exam will have to collect the reference books from various sources like book stores and libraries and he/she should be duly prepared to perform well in the exam.

The directions of the test administrator will have to be followed in a strict manner and all doubts will have to be clarified before the commencement of the exam. Candidates will not be allowed to leave the room during testing and foods or drinks will not be allowed in the exam hall. All candidates will have to bear in mind all these aspects before going for the test.

All questions will be in the form of multiple choice and four options will be given as well. In the earlier days, a special mark-pencil had been used to fill in a circle that represents the correct answer and the scanner would be able to read the answer well only when the candidate filled the circle completely. Things have changed and computer based testing has come into existence in these days.

A test comment form also will be issued with the question paper and the candidates will be able to record their feedback in the concerned form provided. Typing skills are not prerequisite for computer based testing and the answers can be recorded using a mouse.

After having entered the password and ID, the computer will display all the required information about the test. In order to make people familiar with the entire procedure, a tutorial/sample test will be provided and 10 minutes will be allowed for the sample test. Feedback will be given as far as sample questions and answers are concerned and there will not be any feedback on the actual test.

The candidate should be aware of basic trigonometry, basic algebra and the level of questions will be up to intermediate math. Other important areas include conductors and insulators, electrical measurement, safety, symbols and terminology and electrical circuitry. Recommended study references include American electrician’s handbook, American electrical standard handbook, Basic electricity (Bureau of naval personnel), Electrician’s manual (rotating equipment) and Transformer application fundamentals.