How to Become a Master Electrician

Master electricians are the best in their trade. They are very experienced and highly educated and because of that they are able to charge a premium price for their services. Master electricians are often responsible for the training of journeyman and apprentice electricians as well as designing projects and overseeing work teams.

Many electricians who pass their masters exam work as supervisors or start their own businesses. In order to become a master electrician you’ll need to progress through the ranks as a lower level electrical worker as well as take the right courses. Completing a number of years as a hard working electrician is your natural progression for working towards a career as a master electrician. If you’re looking for information on how to become an electrician then read on for some practical information.

Steps to Take

The first step to becoming a master electrician is to join an electricians union or guild as an trainee or enroll at a local trade school or college. There you will learn how to become an electrician the right way. To graduate from trainee electrician status you must complete your course and spend 9,000 hours apprenticing a journeyman or master electrician. This will teach you the theory of electrician work as well as giving you the practical skills you need to work.

Once you’ve completed your electrician training program you can take an exam in order to obtain your electricians license to become a licensed electrician. The exam will vary depending on where you are from so contact your local Guild or Union to find out how to book an exam.

Once you’re a licensed electrician you have two options to pursue in order to become a master electrician. You can either work for 5-8 years as a Journeyman electrician or you can obtain a Bachelors of Science Degree in Electrical Engineering. The requirements to become a master electrician will vary depending on where you are located so you should contact your local Union or Guild to find the requirements. By obtaining a degree in Electrical Engineering you also create new career opportunities for yourself that wouldn’t have been available to you if you went the work experience route.

Once you’ve met the requirements to become a Master Electrician you will need to take a final exam which, if you pass, will qualify you as a master electrician. It is very important that you are properly prepared to take and pass the Master Electrician exam before you take it. In some States if you fail the exam twice you may be subject to a review and may be barred from taking the exam again for some time.

If you pass the master electrician exam you will be able to qualify for master electrician rates of pay and will be able to apply for master electrician positions. Master electricians are often extremely well paid and are frequently employed as supervisors and as consultants. Some master electricians actually start their own businesses and employ other electricians.

Once you’ve become a master electrician it’s critical that you continue your education about electrical engineering. Many states require proof that you’ve continued your education when you renew your master electricians license every three years. Also, by still attending courses you keep your knowledge of electrician practices sharp and you stay informed of the latest trends and techniques. If you have any more questions about how to become an electrician then you should get in contact with your local electrician union representative, they’ll have more information about the process to follow in your specific region.