How to Become an Electrician in Delaware

To be an electrician in Delaware you need a government granted license to legally perform electrical services within the state. This license is granted by the state’s Board of Electrical Examiners which is part of Delaware’s Division of Profession Regulation.

Once you obtain the proper license, you are well on your way to making a career for yourself as an electrician in Delaware.

Summary of DE Licenses

Depending on your situation, you can apply for one of 6 different types of Delaware electrician licenses which are Apprentice, Limited, Limited Special, Journeyperson, Master or Master Special.

If you do not already hold a license from another US state, you will need to apply by examination in Delaware. However, those wishing to transfer a Pennsylvania license to Delaware will need to take the exam again because licenses granted in Pennsylvania are, unfortunately, not issued by a state board.

State Reciprocity in Delaware

If you have a current license from a state besides PA you can apply in Delaware based on reciprocity instead of the exam route which is great. Keep in mind, you need to provide full documentation as proof, verification of employment, as well as liability insurance of at least $300,000 in order to apply based on DE reciprocity.

If you are coming to Delaware from either Michigan or Wyoming you should have no problems applying in this way since the license standards there are very similar to those of Delaware. If your existing license is from any of the other 47 states you will likely need to submit lots of proof of experience, several years of it, to satisfy Delaware’s Board of Electrical Examiners.

Electrician Apprenticeship License in DE

If you are currently enrolled in a Delaware Board approved apprenticeship program you can start the process for obtaining a Delaware electrician apprentice license. The Department of Labor of any state or any U.S. territory are also qualifying bodies for verifying apprentice programs.

The fee for applying for the Apprenticeship program is currently $53. Your money order or check should be made out to the “State of Delaware”. Keep in mind there are no refunds in Delaware on the processing of these applications so carefully follow their directions so your new career isn’t delayed.

Click here to learn the exact process for how to apply for a apprenticeship license.

Delaware Electrician Licenses Review

If you have fully competed your apprenticeship program, including the relevant education and hands on experience, you may wish to pursue the other electrician licenses available to Delaware residents. One step above an apprentice would be to obtain your DE journeyperson license which allows you to perform electrical work under the supervision of more experienced master electricians. This is a great stepping stone towards eventually making the big bucks and pursuing your dreams.

Besides being an apprentice or journeyman, there are two other levels applicable to Delaware compliance. Limited and Master are available to electricians. What’s great about Delaware is that you can apply for special licenses, Limited Special and Limited Master, if you don’t meet the all requirements but instead have certain specialized skills.

For example, if you have electrical experience with elevators, pools, refrigeration, HVAC, electric signs or primary distribution systems you may be able to obtain a special limited or master license in the state of Delaware if you don’t fully qualify for the regular licenses. Many people are going this route.

The application fee for obtaining these types of licenses ranges from $64 to $141 depending on which applies to you.

Click here to learn the exact process for how to apply for a master license.

Taking the Delaware Exam

If you are not already a licensed electrician in another state you will need to take Delaware’s exam. The only way to do this is by being approved by Delaware’s Board of Electrical Examiners to sit for the test. They will mail you the registration form for taking the examination.

Once approved, you will need to pay $90 to Prometric for the testing service since they administer it. Delaware testing takes place in either Dover or Newark and is usually held in February, May, August and October each year.

You will need to score at least 75% in order to receive a passing grade. The test is based on the National Electrical Code (NEC) and is approximately 3 hours with 80 questions. Then you’ll need to submit the results to the Board along with proof of insurance, at least $300,000, assuming you have successfully passed the exam. If you fail you, can retake it so don’t worry. As long as you stay above 50% you can continue to try again if needed.

Electrician in DE

Best DE Cities for Electrical Work

If you are planning a career as an electrician in the state of Delaware you should know which areas will offer you the most work. The population centers and highest overall electricity consumption are in Kent and New Castle counties. Southern Delaware or Sussex county is less populated than the other two.

You are likely to do well in Wilmington, Newark, Dover, Middletown and Smyrna. Due to the close proximity to Pennsylvania, Maryland and New Jersey there is a strong possibility of doing electrical work in neighboring states as you can easily relocate.

Electricians in this area of the country command a good pay rate based on the demographics and economic conditions found in and around Delaware. Best of luck in your new career as an electrician in the state of Delaware!