How to Become an Electrician in Connecticut

To be an electrician in Connecticut you’ll need one of two primary government granted licenses to legally perform electrical services within the state.

These are granted by the CT’s Department of Consumer Protection which sets the regulations for becoming an electrician in the state.

Obtaining either of these licenses is a requirement and mandatory for those performing any electrical job within the state. Also, it is important to note that the state of Connecticut takes continuing eduction very seriously. They require existing license holders to put in at least 7 educational hours yearly and you can view that information here.

Types of Electrician Licenses in CT

Connecticut offers either a journeyperson or contractor license to electricians. The processes and fees are different for each type.

If you are going for a journeyman you’ll need notarized proof of your electrical apprenticeship where you completed at least 8,000 work hours. You will also provide proof your education relating to this career field which must include specific classes. The application fee for applying to be a journey-person in CT is $90.

Those wishing to become licensed CT contractors should provide proof of their existing journeyperson license. The application fee for applying to be a licensed contractor in Connecticut is $150.

Keep in mind these costs are not refundable even if you are denied.

Connecticut License Types

Within these two mains classifications are 5 variations, such as C, T, L and E, which cover different scopes of work in electrical field. You can view a complete list and CT license types and learn more about which one applies.

You should contact the state using their email contact which is if you have any questions or concerns. I’m told they are very helpful to aspiring electricians.

View, download or print Connecticut’s DCP forms and other important information

State Reciprocity with CT

Unfortunately Connecticut hasn’t yet entered into reciprocity agreements with other US state. The issue has come up from time to time among the state’s politicians. In principle, the state honors licenses from other areas of the country if they are equal in standards or better.

Hopefully they will finally approve some states so more people will be attracted to starting electrical careers in Connecticut. After all, it is very promising to work there.

Taking the Exam in Connecticut

You need to be approved by the state’s DCP to take the licensing examination. The test is administered by PSI and will cost you $120 for the contractor license and $60 for the journeyman.

CT bases their exams on NEC standards which will be provided to you for reference. That means it is open book which is great.

Expect a complete exam lasting several tough hours. All questions are multiple choice and there are two parts. You have to study for both Business and law and topics relating specifically to the electrical trade.

You’ll need to score at least 70% to pass the test in CT. If you study and have a genuine interested in this field of work then you should do fine on the exam.

It is recommended that you review all the documentation provided the state on their website.They put out bulletins on their website which are important to applicants.

Electrician in CT

Best CT Cities for Electrical Work

If you are planning an electrician career in the state of Connecticut you should know which areas will offer you the most work. The population centers with the highest overall electricity consumption are New Haven, Bridgeport, Hartford, Waterbury and Stamford.

Several other cities offer good employment opportunities as well. CT is among the best places in the country to pursue a career as an electrician. There are so many wealthy neighborhoods throughout the state.

Some of Connecticut has a low population density which is where you are likely to find less work. The resident population in the rural parts of the state is minimal and so work there isn’t as plentiful. You generally don’t want to be located in the Northwestern or Northeastern part of CT.

If you have lived in CT for awhile you are likely to know which cities are best for electrical work. Basically the state is very rich so you will do really well if you are committed. Best of luck in your new career as an electrician in the state of Connecticut!