What Is an Electrician Union?

If you are a worker in the electric industry and you feel that you are not making enough cash, have few benefits, or you have some other problems, you must take appropriate action. Working in the electric industry as a field worker is a really dangerous task so it is worth it? If you feel that you do not receive what you deserve, you can sign up and join an electrician union.

The International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers, or commonly abbreviated as the IBEW, is a labor union. It represents those who work in the electrical industry (particularly electricians in the construction industry, linemen, and other employees working on public utilities).

They are active in the United States, Panama, Canada, and other island nations in the Caribbean. They may also represent some workers in different industries like in computer, broadcasting, telecommunications, and others related to electrical work. This particular union was founded in the year 1891 since that was when homes and businesses started to receive electricity in the US.

Benefits of Joining an Electrician Union

There are loads of benefits that joining the IBEW can bring you. Union members have the greatest chance of getting better wages, lots of benefits, and are treated more fairly in the work place.


Electrical union members receive a lot of benefits. One of these benefits includes weekly earnings. On average, union workers earn 30% more weekly compared to non-union workers. Additionally, the differences become much clearer when breaking it down to both occupational and industry category. Most people are very happy to be protected by a union.


Compared to their non-union counterparts, electrical union members are more likley to obtain health care and pensions. 70% of electrical union members have a defined-benefit retirement coverage plan compared to only 16% non-union workers. Defined-benefit plans are federally insured and provide a definite regular pension amount.

You also usually afforded more time off by belonging to a union. There are so many perks negotiated on your behave because of union influence.

Job Stability

Though 50% of electrical union members have been staying with their present employers for a minimum of ten years, only 32% of non-union workers can say the same. Union members have better job stability compared to non-members since they are more content with what they do, receive a better salary, enjoy lots of benefits, and have access to fair grievance measures.

Possibly the most important part of belonging to a union is that collective bargaining contracts will protect associates from any unjust discharge. Non-union workers, sadly, can be dismissed anytime for any reason or even for no reason at all.

Work Environment

The International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers is committed to a safe work environment for their members. The safety of their union members is one of the most important principal objectives since it was founded. According to statistics, on-the-job accidents will claim the lives of far too many electrical workers. Safety is sometimes compromised for greater profits and a union seeks to prevent such practices.

Joining the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers is really beneficial to workers in the electrical industry. Being a member will surely get you lots of benefits and perks that you can enjoy while many others are not so lucky.