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Master Electrician Requirements

Master electricians are the pinnacle to their trade and are highly trained and experienced. In recognition of their knowledge and ability most master electrician are paid extremely well. If you’re interested in one day becoming a master electrician then it is important to gain an idea of what the requirements are. The exact qualifications needed […]

How to Prepare for the Master Electrician Exam

The master electrician exam is a test designed to determine if electricians have a necessary skills, knowledge, and capabilities to work as a licensed electrician in their state/area. The exam tests an electricians knowledge of the National Electrical Code, the laws and regulations in relation to electrical contracting in their area, electrical theory, electrical layout, […]

Master Electrician Exam

There is a high demand for qualified electricians all over the country. According to reports, there is about 20 to 35 percent increase in the demand for electricians over the coming years. There are different types of electricians working in different fields. A licensed electrician can become a master electrician after passing the master electrician […]