Master Electrician Requirements

Master electricians are the pinnacle to their trade and are highly trained and experienced. In recognition of their knowledge and ability most master electrician are paid extremely well. If you’re interested in one day becoming a master electrician then it is important to gain an idea of what the requirements are. The exact qualifications needed to become a master electrician differ from state to state but there are several requirements that are standard across the board. So, what are the master electrician requirements?

Requirements to Become a Master Electrician

The first requirements to becoming a master electrician is to be a licensed journeyman electrician. This means you will need to have completed your apprenticeship and be a fully qualified electrician. You will need to have completed between five and eight years (depending on state requirements) of electrical work as a journeyman in order to qualify to take the master electrician exam.

If you don’t want to wait the five to eight years of wok experience in order to take the exam there is a second option. Many states will accept a University or College degree in Electrical Engineering as a substitute.

Once you’ve fulfilled the master electrician requirements in your State you will be able to take the master electrician exam.