Master Electrician Exam

What You Need To Know About The Master Electrician Exam

There is a high demand for qualified electricians all over the country. According to reports, there is about 20 to 35 percent increase in the demand for electricians over the coming years. There are different types of electricians working in different fields. A licensed electrician can become a master electrician after passing the master electrician exam provided he has several years of experience in the field and two years as a journeyman electrician. The overall total years of experience required greatly differs from state to state although it should be typically between 6 to 7 years.

The primary responsibility of a master electrician is to supervise any non-exempted electrical tasks. He should have the necessary skills to handle high risk electrical jobs backed with the appropriate certificates. It is a fact that electricians are always putting their lives at risk every time they perform their duties. That is why proper training, excellent skills, and thorough electrical and electronic knowledge are very vital.

Anyone wishing to become a licensed master electrician in the US should follow several pre-requisite requirements. If you are planning to take the master electrician exam then you might want to check with your local licensing authority for any information and requirements relevant to the examination. Each state offers slightly different regulations which means you should get information from the state office you will be taking your exams.

The examination will determine whether or not you have the necessary skills and knowledge to be employed as a master electrician in your state. In order to better prepare yourself you need to know what consist the US master electrician exam. Although the exam varies from state to state generally this involve subjects in national electric code, the state’s electrical laws and regulations, electrical theory both basic and advanced, electrical design and layout.

You need to complete the requirements set by the state in order to apply for master electrician examination. General requirements include a high school diploma or a GED, completion of a NEC compliant experience, and practical hands-on experience which may include a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering. Once you have met the requirements, your application will then go through approval by a board review committee.

Master Electrician Exam Prep

During application you will be given a list of study materials which will aid in your preparation. A home study course is often a good way to prepare for the exam. This will aid you in reviewing important knowledge relevant to the qualifying examination you will be undertaking.

Another way to prepare for the master electrician exam is through guidance of good reputable books which offer thorough discussions and analysis of the NEC or National Electrical Code. By using reliable resource books you will be able to understand better the logic and structure of the NEC which is very important in acquiring a master electrician exam passing score.

Finally, a master electrician certificate credential will provide you better career opportunities, higher pay, and a brighter future ahead. This is probably among many electricians desire when it comes to their career development. A good and thorough preparation is always important in order to come up with positive result.