How to Find Work as an Apprentice Electrician

Finding a position as an Apprentice Electrician can be challenging depending on the area you live in. If you’re in a highly industrial area with a lot of construction and development then it’s likely you will be able to find work as an apprentice fairly quickly as electricians are in high demand in these areas. However, if you are in a rural or already developed area then it may be significantly more difficult to find yourself an apprenticeship. If you’ve been having trouble getting an electrician position then check out these tips on how to find a job as an apprentice electrician.

How Do You Find a Position as an Electricians Apprentice?

Contact Your Local Guild/Union

One great way to find a slot as an apprentice is to contact your local electricians Guild or Union and see if they know of any local electricians looking for an extra hand. Even if there are no Electricians currently looking for help you will be getting your name known so that when a master electrician is looking for an apprentice your name is one of the first to come up. Keep checking back regularly to see if there are any opportunities for employment or even experience.

Contact Local Electricians

Employers love employees who are motivated and persistent. That’s why it’s a great idea to call local Electricians and Electrical companies and ask if they are currently looking for an apprentice or even an electricians mate/helper. If they don’t have any openings then you can ask that they hold onto your resume/C.V for when a position does open up.

Check Classifieds

Be sure to regularly check the newspaper and online classifieds. Sites like are great for finding tradesman positions. Just be sure that the company you are working for is legitimate and never take on a job that you are unqualified for.

Gain Experience

If a lack of on job experience if holding you back then a great way to beef up your resume/C.V. is to try and get some practical experience. instead of looking for an apprentice position see if anyone is in need of an electricians mate/helper. This will give you the practical experience that will give you an edge when looking to start an apprenticeship.

Change Locations

In some areas you will not be able to find positions as an apprentice electrician no matter how hard you try, whether it’s because of a lack of construction, too much competition, a struggling local economy, or a combination of a number of factors. In these cases it might be necessary to move/commute if you really want to pursue an electrician apprenticeship. try and look for areas with large amount of construction and industrial/residential developments as electricians will be in high demand in these areas.

Stay Persistent

Be sure not to get discouraged in your search for electrician apprentice positions. Keep applying for jobs and contacting companies and don’t be timid about calling back for updates on job availability. Eventually there will be an opening and your career as an electrician will begin.