How to Become an Electrician in the UK

Becoming an Electrician in the UK can be a fairly complicated process . Just like with becoming an Electrician in the US, mastery is required before you can become a certified electrician. The most common route in the UK to become an electrician is through education and apprenticeship. The UK government runs training programs that include classroom theory and on-the-job trainings. After three to four years of schooling and apprenticing you can write your exam to become a certified electrician.

We listed the most important steps to help you become a professional in the field. All these will help you on how to become an electrician in the UK.

Tips on Becoming an Electrician in the UK

Education and Apprenticeship

Electricians are knowledgeable in subjects that are related to the profession. These subjects are mathematics, science, electronics or mechanical drawing. If your school offers an elective for the related courses, take it.

If you are ready for the apprenticeship, prepare your CV or resume. Send them together with your cover letter to the employers in the electrical sector. You must include your formal education and your qualifications. Highlight your abilities that you think your employers will find useful. You may also present yourself personally to your local electrical companies and show your interest in taking modern apprenticeship under their supervision.

Once you are accepted, your employer will provide your compensation and a full scope of experience in contracting. To give you an idea how much you will earn, the wages of an electrician apprentice are around 10,000 pounds/year  as of 2010. In the first three years of your apprenticeship, your employer will also provide an assessor who will supervise your training. You will also be required to attend a local school to receive theoretical instruction.

After completing the three-year program, you will be awarded an NVQ Level 3 (National Vocational Qualification). In England, Northern Ireland, and Wales, this certification is given as a work-based award. The SVQ or Scottish Vocational Qualification is how they call it in Scotland.

The fourth year of your apprenticeship will be spent in the workplace where you will be required to take the AM2 Practical Test. This is a three-day trade examination that is controlled and recognized by the NET or National Electrotechnical Training Organization. To qualify for the exam, you must demonstrate your competence in the workplace. Basically, that is how to become an electrician in the UK.

Other UK Electrician Resources

You will learn a great deal on how to become an electrician in the UK by joining guilds or communities built by professional electricians. In these communities, you will find plenty of resources to further develop your skills. The guilds provide career advice, electrical courses and trainings, and tips about products and tools that are essential for the profession. In here you can build a network with your fellow electricians and widen your working opportunities. You may also receive advice about the business from successful electricians. On top of that, most guilds do not require payment to become a member. Truly, there is no reason for you not to learn how to become an electrician in the UK.