How to Become an Electrician in Texas

Becoming an electrician in one of the most popular choices for people who are interested in getting started in trades. people are drawn to the career because of the availability of positions, the highly technical nature, and the physical aspect of the tasks performed by electricians. In order to become an electrician in Texas you need to obtain an electrician license. Before you can go and take the journeyman electricians exam in order to qualify for a license there are several steps you must first take. Here’s how to become an electrician in Texas.

Step 1 – Requirements and Education

The first step to becoming an electrician in Texas is to enroll in a two year electrician training program at a trade or vocational school. Over the course of the program you will be taught the basics of being an electrician including; electrical code, safety, how to perform various installation, and much more. In order to qualify for an electrician training program you will likely need to be 18 years of age and have completed a grade 12 education. Some programs require you to have taken a math course in your final year.

Step 2 – Apprenticeship

Once you have completed an electrician training program it’s time to become an electrician apprentice. Before you can apply to apprentice an electrician you must first obtain your apprentice electrician license. To get your license you can apply online on the official State of Texas website. Once you have your license it’s time to start looking for an electrician apprenticeship. The school that you took your electrician training program with will likely be able to help you find an electrician firm to work with but if you’re still stuck you can contact local electrician companies in your area and apply with them. In order to complete your apprenticeship and apply for a journeyman electrician license you will need to complete 8000 hours of on-site training to the satisfaction of the training electrician.

Step 3 – Certification

Once you have completed your apprenticeship you’ll need to apply for a journeyman electrician license with the state. In order to receive your license you’ll need to pass a certification exam that will text your knowledge of everything you learned over the course of your apprenticeship. Once you have applied you will have 1 year to take the exam before having to re-apply so don’t rush into the exam as son as you can. take the time to study and prepare. After passing the test you will be able to be employed as a journeyman electrician within the State of Texas and begin working towards the requirements of the master electrician license.