How to Become a Certified Electrician

There are myriad of employment opportunities out there for those who are interested in becoming an electrician. Careers related to the electric field are in high demand since electricity will be powering most of society for a long time to come. In fact, for the next ten years, available positions for certified electricians are expected to continue growing in a stable manner, according to government statistics.

Essentially, a four year apprenticeship program must be completed by individuals who want to become a certified electrician. Electricians can apply for a certificate once they have completed the training program and, in most states, electricians are required to pass a certification exam.

Steps to Take

1. Firstly, a high school diploma or GED will have to be obtained by anyone wanting to become a certified electrician. Before you are accepted into an electrician training program, you will need to have this diploma.

2. Next, you will also benefit from attending a trade or vocational school. While this is generally not a requirement, if you enroll in an electrical course or program, you’ll learn the very basics of being a certified electrician. You can even take an electrical engineering course at a local college or university as a good alternative.

3. Studying the National Electrical Code is another requirement that you’ll have to fulfill if you want to become a processional electrician. Attend seminars, enroll in courses available at a local college or vocation school as above, or take online classes to learn more about National Electrical Code.

4. In the process of becoming an electrician, also find work under a licensed or master electrician. Before you actually join a program, this will help you in gaining some experience and electrical knowledge critical to your career.

5. Finally, once you are ready, enroll in an electrician training program. While at least two years is required in a majority of states, most education programs with a licensed or master electrician can last up to four years which is great hands on experience. Those entering this type of program usually earn the title of journeyman electrician soon afterwards. Generally, real life experience and classroom instruction are combined in these programs which is very effective.

6. Four years later once you’ve completed an electrician apprenticeship program, you should apply for your state certification exam. This exam evaluates the knowledge of an electrician regarding the local building and electrical codes as well as the National Electrical Code. Before electricians can take a certification exam in any state, they are generally required to have at least four to seven years of experience in this field but it varies in each state.

7. The National Electrical Code and even the federal and state safety codes continuously change. So, even after receiving a certification, certified electricians must be aware of and continue studying any changes that to these electrical safety codes.

Thus, for those who want to know how to become an electrician, following the mentioned steps will lead them to a prosperous career in this field.