How Much Should an Electrician Charge to Change a Circuit Breaker?

Although it will vary from situation to situation the simple answer to how much should an electrician charge to change a circuit breaker is around $200 -$300 USD

The actual changing of the circuit breaker is a fairly simple task but it’s the cost of the circuit breaker as well as the time it takes to travel to the customers house and install the breaker that pushes the price up. A basic circuit breaker costs anywhere from $60-$85 and the standard travel fee is around $40 which already puts the cost of the project at roughly $100. The rest of the cost is determined by the qualifications of the electrician and how much they charge per hour. An apprentice electrician generally charges around $30/hour while journeyman electricians often charge upwards of $55/hour.

Any additional wiring that need to be done will all of course be extra so the price could creep up past $300 but on average an electrician should charge between $200 and $300.