How Much Does an Electrician Cost?

If you’re a home or business owner and need to have some electrical work or repairs done a building you own the best thing to do is to hire a qualified electrician. In an attempt to save costs, many people try to use a general contractor or unlicensed electrician to perform electrical work. Not only is this option dangerous, it also often ends up being even more expensive when a certified electrician gets called in to fix everything. That being said, it’s still a good idea to get an idea for how much an electrician should be charging before you contact them.

How Much Do Electricians Cost?

With most electrician, you can expect to be charged anywhere from $40-$100 per hour for electrical work. There are a number of factors that go into determining the cost of an electrician including experience and certifications, location, and the work required.

More experienced and educated electricians will charge more for the work they do. While a journeymen electrician may charge $75 per hour, a master electrician might charge $120 per hour for the exact same work. Most electrical work companies will try to send out an appropriately skilled electrician to keep costs reasonable for their customers.

Location is another big factor when determining how much an electrician will charge. It will cost more to get service in a rural area outside of town than it would cost in town. The further an electrician has to travel the more they will need to charge their customers. They may even charge for the time they spend driving.

Finally, certain jobs require flat additional fees due to the equipment and materials required. For example, fixing a faulty light fixture will likely be far less expensive than replacing an electrical panel.

If you’re hiring an electrician it’s a good idea to make a list of things for them to look at while at your building. This is a great way to save costs and keep the building safe.