Electrician Education Requirements

The work performed by Electricians is often highly technical and requires precise calculations and measurements. In order to become a successful electrician it’s important for students and apprentices to be well-educated and capable. Electricians will often need to use their knowledge of basic mathematics, algebra, measurement, and physics in order to safely and successfully complete a task. In fact, in order to even be accepted to become an apprentice electrician candidates are required to have attended certain classes in high school or at a community college. These electrician education requirements ensure that applicants have the necessary skills to become Electricians.

What Are the Electrician Education Requirements?

Math is one of an electrician’s most valuable and frequently used tools. Basic math and measurements are necessary for installing electrical boxes, running wires, and installing lighting fixtures. An electrician won’t last long in their profession if they can’t figure out how long a cable needs to be or how big of a hole they need to cut. For this reason, electricians are required to have taken basic mathematics courses at school.

Algebra is an incredibly important skill for every electrician. It is needed for calculating voltage and for working with electrical circuit theory. If an electrician is installing a set of lighting fixtures in a home and they make an error and not enough power reaches the lights then they won’t work. However, if an electrician overloads the circuit they risk starting an electrical fire in the home. That’s why it’s an electrician education requirement for apprentices to have taken a higher level math course during high school like Math 11/12, Algebra 12, or a GED equivalent.

During an electricians apprenticeship they will be taught electrical circuit theory. High school physics courses also teach electrical circuit theory so many aspiring electricians choose to take a Physics course to get a leg up on their peers.

If you’re looking to become an electrician then it’s a good idea to start planning now and take the courses that you need to meet the electrician education requirements.