Becoming an Electrician Apprentice in Ottawa

In order to begin your career as an electrician in Ottawa, Ontario you will first need to become an apprentice for either an electricians union or an Ottawa trade school. By becoming a trainee electrician you will gain the right knowledge as well as the on-the-job skills needed for your career as an electrician.

The great part is that while you are being trained for a career in Ottawa, you are actually making money. The average electrician in training makes roughly 50 percent of the wages of a typical licensed electrician but it pas off well in the end. Once you become full licensed you will earn a higher than average salary.

How Do You Become an Electrician in Ottawa?

To become a trainee electrician in Ottawa, Ontario you will need to make some contacts perhaps at a local electricians union. Try to apply through their website if possible. You can also enroll in a local trade school’s electrician apprenticeship program.

The bare minimum to be accepted to an electrician training program is a Grade 12 education or equivalent with a Grade 12 math course also completed. Each program has different requirements so you’d be well advised to contact the program you’d like to apply to and find out. Keep in mind that this is the bare minimum to apply.

Applicants with higher-education will likely be favored if a limited number of spots are available. If you don’t meet the requirements then it is a good idea to take classes at an Ottawa community college in order to qualify. Don’t let a couple of math courses get in the way of your career.

To complete your electrician training you will need to complete three levels of training (Basic – 8 weeks, Intermediate – 10 weeks, Advanced – 10 weeks) over a 9,000 hour long contract. In order to obtain your license you will need to pass the exam designed for licensing electricians. It very important that you are well prepared to take the exam, take the time to study and prepare because it will pay off.

Once your electrician training is over and you have passed the exam you will be a fully licensed electrician able to apply for professional electrician jobs in Ottawa, Ontario.