Can Electricians Have Tattoos?

In the past, tattoos were seen by most employers as unprofessional and having one was likely to hamper your ability to find work. Now a days people are far more accepting of tattoos and other body modifications. However, many people are still unsure as to whether or not you can become an electrician if you have a tattoo.

Can You Become an Electrician if You Have a Tattoo?

Electricians are often called on to perform electrical work within the homes of clients and customers. To this extent, it’s important that you look professional and well groomed while at work. You need to provide your customers with friendly and respectful service. With that said, unless you have a tattoo that is gang related, racist, vulgar, or violent having a tattoo should be fine.

If you are worried that your tattoo will make it difficult to find work there are several options that you can pursue. The first is tattoo removal which is a typically painful and expensive procedure in which lasers are used for removal.

The second and more popular option is to have the tattoo redone. This is where a tattoo artist will take your current tattoo and either cover it up or transform it into something new.

If you have a tattoo and would like to become an electrician you should be fine as long as the tattoo is in-line with socially accepted attitudes in your area. Ask yourself if you are living in a conservative and liberal minded community.