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How To Get Accepted Into An Electrician Apprenticeship

Without a plethora of electricians working in many different fields, our world would be a very dark and gloomy place. Whether we are talking about residential, commercial of even automotive electricians, there is and always will be a need for professionally trained and skilled people in this field. If you’re interested in becoming an electrician […]

How To Find Work As An Apprentice Electrician

Finding a position as an Apprentice Electrician can be challenging depending on the area you live in. If you’re in a highly industrial area with a lot of construction and development then it’s likely you will be able to find work as an apprentice fairly quickly as electricians are in high demand in these areas. […]

What Do Apprentice Electricians Do?

Apprentice electricians are trainees whose main task is to assist and to learn from the journeyman or master electrician that they shadow on a job site. That being said, after a few months of training most electrician trainees are very capable of helping out with tasks and effectively contributing. Although their main focus is learning […]